Saturday, July 26, 2014

Awesome uploader for Lino

I had another look at Andrew Rymarczyk’s AwesomeUploader and started another exprimental integration into Lino. My first attempt (use_awesome_uploader) is long time ago and Lino has evolved meanwhile.

the base idea is that people can upload multiple files using drag and drop, and then (later) open a list of their uploads where they can “manage” them: assign them to a project, share them with others, …

  • New module lino.modlib.awesomeuploader.

  • New action attribute lino.core.actions.Action.extjs_main_panel, and CalendarAction is no longer defined in lino.core but in lino.modlib.extensible (Cool! If that remains the only result of today, then I am already happy!)

Lino Noi serves as guinea pig.

Currently you must get the source code yourself from google and link it to your project’s media directory:

$ cd repositories
$ svn checkout awesomeuploader
$ ln -s ~/repositories/awesomeuploader ~/myproject/media/awesomeuploader

But don’t yet expect it to work. Because it doesn’t. The menu command and the quick link are there, but they only cause a TypeError “this.main_item.config_containing_window is not a function”. That’s normal because I stopped there to make a checkin and have breakfast.

Second session after breakfast: the component is now visible, i can drag and drop files, but their upload fails because the server doesn’t yet accept the request.