Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Preparing an upgrade in ÖSHZ Eupen. Making the test suites pass.

Changed a detail in the implementation of lino.modlib.beid: Until yesterday, when lino.core.site.Site.use_java was False, beid and davlink were not installed at all. This was a strange behaviour which caused quite some subtle problems. The ml.beid.BeIdCardTypes choicelist now has app_label beid instead of lino.

Oh dear, and then I yet did another thing which nobody asked: I moved (most of) the Javascript code specific to DavLink from linoweb.js and admin_main_base.html into the lino.modlib.davlink module. This is also the first action which Nobody asked for it and it potentially brings bugs, but it make Lino more understandable and is a preparation for docs/tickets/101. And the danger is relatively low.