Monday, September 29, 2014

I discovered that lino.modlib.polls is (maybe) what we need in CPAS de Châtelet for making the “plans d’action”. There is of course some work to do since this module was not actually in a finished state. Especially the answer_buttons field (“My answer”) does not yet work at all: it was not yet adapted to the multiple choices feature which I had added shortly before interrupting this project. This will probably require a new feature of the framework: action calls with arbitrary arguments.

Checkin before starting this new feature.

The test suite still had some failures due to the new EstonianAddressFormatter

Last checkin (at 05:00 next day) instead of “action calls with arbitrary arguments” we will probably do “actions with parameters but without window”. Selecting a choice now works… except for the “detail” that it opens a window which the user must confirm.

Max Mehl wrote a blog entry titled Setting Openstreetmap as default in Thunderbird’s contacts.

Summary: After selecting Preferences ‣ Advanced ‣ Config Editor, change the value of mail.addr_book.mapit_url.format from its default value:


Some more documentation is here: