Friday, October 24, 2014

Date and time fields in lino.modlib.export_excel

(Continued from yesterday.)

The new test case export_excel : Exporting to Excel did not yet cover the actual problem. Now it also tests the cell values of the generated file.

While testing this I saw that time values could be handled the same way and added them. I also moved the variables date_style: instead of instantiating them for every column, I defined them as class variables.

Tested Lino Così

I had a tour on Lino Così in order to check whether recent changes had affected the printing of invoices there.

Fixed a bug which caused the combobox on ml.ledger.Journal.template to remain empty.

TODO: add the lino.modlib.notes module to Lino Così and add a possibility to write payment reminders.

Continued on docs/tickets/136

Until now I had the following template code (in presence_certificate.body.html):

{% set times = (dd.strftime(obj.waiting_since),
dd.strftime(obj.gone_since)) %}

Changed this to:

{% set times = (dd.strftime(obj.waiting_since),
dd.strftime(obj.gone_since or this.time)) %}

And added a new property lino.modlib.excerpts.Excerpt.time.