Monday, October 27, 2014

A thing which had been waiting for a long time because it is purely internal: I changed the format of the atelier config file. This had become necessary because recent changes had broken the possibility to manage Sphinx doctrees without a corresponding Python module. It caused a welter of subtle changes which influence the configuration of atelier.

Manuel stumbled over a bug that had passed the test suite on my development machine because I had not tidied up my .pyc files for several months.

The bug itself was trivial, lino.modlib.pages still did:

from lino.modlib.plain.renderer import PlainRenderer

Which (since 2014-07-29) should have been:

from lino.modlib.bootstrap3.renderer import Renderer

But it is of course rather time-consuming to diagnose such bugs.

How can I make sure to avoid this problem? IOW How to tidy up .pyc files in a repository which I never pull from outside? Okay I wrote a fab pyc command which removes .pyc files that don’t have a corresponding .py file. But will I remember to run this command when it is time to do so?