Monday, November 3, 2014

Database migration

Upgrade in CPAS de Châtelet. French translations for lino.modlib.polls. Added the third poll to lino.modlib.polls.fixtures.checklist.

I wanted to load the demo fixtures of lino.modlib.polls into the production server. So I wrote a local run script as follows:

from lino.modlib.polls.fixtures import std
from lino.modlib.polls.fixtures import checklist

from lino import rt

for o in std.objects():

for o in checklist.objects():


  • The toggle_choice action is broken. Selecting an answer gives an error message “There’s no partner with primary key 3”

SMTPRecipientsRefused and system notes

Fixed a bug in dd.Model.get_system_note_recipients() methods of welfare.pcsw.Client and welfare.pcsw.Coaching which caused an SMTPRecipientsRefused server traceback when a user

The language of an excerpt

Started docs/tickets/144:

  • The language field on lino.modlib.excerpts.Excerpt is back. And the language field on welfare.aids.Confirmation is no longer needed.

  • New table aids.ContractGrantingsByClient (just a first draft).

  • New field welfare.aids.AidType.is_integ_duty New methods welfare.isip.BaseContract.get_granting() and welfare.isip.BaseContract.get_aid_type().

    TODO: test these.