Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Updated /dev/translate/index.

A spontaneous experiment for docs/tickets/66: added a www setting for Lino Noi. This is not yet working. The idea is to have two wsgi scripts running on the same web server, one for authenticated users with the admin interface, and another one for a simple read-only web view of the visible data.

Trying to get rid of the PermissionDenied “As Anonyme you have no permission to run this action” error emails. These are generated when a user did not refresh their client after a dump-restore of the database.

In order to test the new isip.Contract.get_aid_type() method, I needed to create an additional income Granting for each welfare.isip.Contract.

Adapted Beispiele von von Ausdrucken aus der Demo-Datenbank because there are now 64 excerpts, too much to list them all.

The ContractGrantingsByClient table can definitvely go away.