Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Worked on the tickets for CPAS de Châtelet.

User requests:

  • Ajouter un champ texte “Description” par atelier. En créant un nouvel atelier, recopier la description de la série d’ateliers qui sert donc de modèle. Il faut la recopier car elle évolue.

  • Enlever module “octrois d’aide”.


  • Documentation and first translations.

  • Changes in the module (the one used in ÖSHZ Eupen):

    • PEP 8

    • courses.Course is no longer Printable (admins now must define an ExcerptType in order to make it printable).

  • Changes in the module (the one used in CPAS de Châtelet):

    • Added new field Course.description. Change in database structure

    • Extended the method Course.full_clean to copy the description from Line to every new Course.

  • The module lino_welfare.modlib.aids is now removable. For this I added a test if dd.is_installed('aids') in certain fixtures.

I then discovered that the welfare test suite is currently broken due to changes in demo fixtures. Started to repair it (but without finishing).

Checked in these changes 20141121