Sunday, January 25, 2015

Upgrade with data migration in ÖSHZ Eupen and Lino Welfare Châtelet. These are now running version 1.1.21.

Marked #47 as fixed because the most visible part is done and needs feedback. Split remaining part into new #71.

Layout changes and translations for Lino Welfare Châtelet. Some vocabulary:

A meeting is any kind of calendar event which has guests.

meeting entrevue Treffen
checkout congédier Verabschieden
consultation consultation Visite

Mahmoud reported two bugs in his today’s blog entry. One was a wrong test case, the other was a real bug which had passed undetected through the test suite.

I added some test cases so that it would have been detected.

I worked on /tutorials/lets/index. Lino now again supports slave tables in a ColumnsLayout (i.e. in column_names).