Friday, September 23, 2016

Testing the content of dict objects

Grigorij reported a test failure in Introducing the Site class which might be caused by the fact that TEMPLATES is a complex dict, and because ordering of dict items can differ. So I changed the document to use json.dumps() instead of atelier.utils.dict_py2(). Grigorij confirmed that his problem was fixed after this.

Hamza, so this is yet another example of why I prefer json.dumps() over our selfmade dict_py2! See also this thread: Any way to properly pretty-print ordered dictionaries in Python?.

A ticket for Subha

Last week in Douz (on Fri Sep 16 10:56:24 2016 +0100), Hamza and I added 100 demo tickets to, but we forgot to adapt the test suite accordingly. About 6 or 7 doctest files were failing. I fixed a first file and started a second one before I realized that this might be a great job for Subha. I called hime, and it took me only half an hour to explain him what it is about (he watched me finishing the failures in Work time tracking). He then felt able to continue this work on the other files. So I committed my two files, and now he is working on the remaining failures. We are looking forward to his first contribution.