Thursday, January 5, 2017

I continued to work on #1189. This ticket is advancing slowly because our way of communicating. The customer wants to increase the foolproofness of their releases, so they ask to release to a testing site first, which they review when I tell them that it is ready. Their production site is running a Welfare version from January 2016. In December 2016 they started to want some new features and asked me to deploy a new version to their testlino. It took them some weeks to test it and report a series of problems. It took me another few weeks before diving back into this.

The first thing I did was an new upgrade of their testlino. This is a kind of routine process where I simply pull the latest repository versions and then restore a snapshot of their production data. But last time I did this, I obviously did a few migrations manually. So now I have to do them again (Lino of course reminded me this in e.g. #1353). In order to avoid to do them a third time in the future, I now wrote migrators for this. Writing a migrator takes a bit more time than doing it manually, but it has the obvious advantage of being reusable. Note that this advantage is only an advantage when reusability makes sense. All our production sites are currently in “development mode” and therefore it is rather overkill to write migrators. OTOH this is a good test for stable hosting scenarios which are likely to come soon.