Friday, January 12, 2018

New field Ticket.fixed_since

I opened #2252 : which might be something I have been wanting since the beginnings of my career Jane we need, per ticket, a field to hold the timestamp of “the” code change which fixed this ticket.

The challenge is that it is never definitively clear which code change fixed a ticket. So it is not trivial how to (1) set and (2) manually adapt and (3) check the validity that field.

First implementation which seems possible is a couple of two fields fixed_date and fixed_time on the model, a new checkbox fixing per lino_xl.lib.clocking.Session and a new datachecker which verifies whether fixed_date and fixed_time correspond to end_date and end_time of the latest fixing session on that ticket.

Before starting to work on this I renamed the lino_xl.lib.clocking to lino_xl.lib.working (#2253). This is a typical example of what a disciplinated developer shouldn’t do: work on two unrelated tickets at the same time. I know that I am not disciplinated… no, actually I had a “good” reason to disobbey the rule: I saw the need for #2253 when planning #2252. And opened the new ticket. But I knew that #2253 is the kind of ticket nobody will ever do just for fun. I am the only guy who has a chance of enjoying this task…

When testing #2252 manually, I stumbled into #2254 and fixed it as well. Oops, and yesterday I sent a mail to Mathieu, suggesting that I upgrade their Lino after yesterday’s changes. #2254 would have been a disturbing surprise for them and for me. What a chance that I started working on #2252 before Mathieu had answered to my mail!


I met with Johanna and opened #2256, a new tasks list for Lino Avanti.


  • Neues Feld “Lebt in DG seit” (neben “Lebt in Belgien seit”)

  • Neue Ankreuzfelder 1) Kunde beim ÖSHZ und 2) Eingetragen beim ADG

  • Die 3 Ankreuzfelder in diesem Reiter zusammenlegen

  • Fehlermeldung “AnswersByQuestionRow has no attribute obj2href” unter Umfragen -> Meine Umfragen das Detail einer Frage öffnet

  • DavLink schon mal einbauen, damit es bei Bedarf kurzfristig aktiviert werden kann

  • Entwicklungsschritte pro Phase : add remote fields of Client model

  • Abmahnungen : Sozialarbeiter soll nach (+) noch den Mahngrad auswählen können, nach Bestätigung des Einfügefensters soll das Detail gar nicht kommen.


  • Neues Dokument “Abschließende Sozialbilanz” (siehe Anhang). Zunächst mal als nicht bearbeitbares .doc

  • Entwicklungsschritte pro Phase : Filterkriterium Datum von-bis

  • Abmahnungen : nach Bestätigung des Einfügefensters soll das Dokument gleich gedruckt werden.

  • Und dann soll der Ausdruck Abmahnungen nicht leer sein, sondern gleicher Inhalt wie in den Beispieldokumenten.