Friday, January 19, 2018

Luc’s reading about NAFTA, CPTPP and EU-Mercosur

Timothy Vollmer describes how sweeping and complex international agreements like NAFTA, CPTPP and EU-Mercosur attempt to introduce trade regulations and provisions regarding environment, pharmaceutical procurement, intellectual property, labor standards and food safety, and how these agreements are unfortunately not being made through a participatory, democratic, and transparent process but are developed and negotiated in secret: Secret negotiations, empty promises: Copyright policymaking needs sunlight for better outcomes

My comment: Human laws make sense only where they protect the interests of the weak ones against those of the strong ones. I recognize old biblic disputes between the Jehovah people and those who worship Baal. I am afraid that Vollmer is basically right, but let’s hope that he exaggerates.

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Optimizations in Welfare Chatelet

I continued to work on #2266 (Entrevue 20180118).


  • Calcul champs FSE client #2453 champ MSP : là Lino fait une erreur de calcul (38*10/5 au lieu de 38*10/7). Corrigé dans le code, mais il faut une màj pour l’activer chez vous

  • #1207 : enfin c’est fait

  • Les contrats PIIS sont maintenant édités à l’extérieur de Lino. Dans Lino plus besoin de certains champs (objectifs, …) mais par contre un panneau “Téléchargements”

    • liste séparée des types de fichier (“contrat”, “avenants”, “évaluation”, “autres”, …)

    • notez qu’un fichier téléchargé depuis un PIIS est également lié au client

    • A new mixin lino.modlib.uploads.UploadController with a method get_upload_area() replaces the system with a class variable _upload_area on the table.


  • dans Explorateur -> Stages d’immersion : the verbose_name of filter parameter field “user” is “User” while in the grid it is “Titulaire (ISP)”

Changes for Avanti

  • I renamed CommonContactType to KnownContactType. Still not fully satisfied with the designation and its translations (Types de contact connus and Standard-Kontaktarten)…