Thursday, January 25, 2018

Estonian residents

A ZDNet article by Kalev Ääsmäe based on an interview with Kaspar Korjus presents Estonias e-residency programm in a shiny positive light: Estonia’s ID card fiasco: ‘We’ve no intention of letting a good crisis go to waste’. It also suggests that Estonia can become the best country for ICOs in 2018.

This is in visible contrast with Otto De Voogd’s sad story where Estonia lost four real residents because Otto had been faced with the real –and unfortunatley very obsolete– juristic apparatus. See Bad News for Otto De Voogd as Supreme Court Regulates Bitcoin in Estonia.

Optimizations in Noi

The Lino Avanti project moved from “development mode” to “maintenance mode”. To reflect the changed situation, I changed the ref of “avanti” to “avanti-dev”, then created two new sites “avanti-regular” (for regular maintenance requests) and “avanti-talk” (for tickets that are to be invoiced additionally). But that differentiation makes no sense and is disturbing in practive because Avanti remains a single continuous project.

I added a new field TicketType.reporting_type and en passant I did some optimizations in the insert_layout and detail_layout of Tickets:

  • mission and topic become invisible

  • commits, changes, deployments and stars become ShowSlaveTable actions

  • planned_time is now a DurationField (not a TimeField)

  • removed “private” from insert_layout because it depends on the site.


I released above changes on Jane and was glad to see that indeed the tickets tables now display much faster. That’s because three slave tables aren’t being summaried anymore for every ticket. They are still accessible via the ShowSlaveTable actions.

Observation about permissions

I wondered whether I may adapt the User types in Lino Avanti specs where it now says that cal.EntriesByProject.insert is visible to coordinator. Which does not cause any visible difference since a coordinator does not see clients at all.