Sunday, January 28, 2018

I undid a change in lino_xl.lib.clients on Friday where I added a default=’‘ to the client_state parameter field:

client_state=ClientStates.field(blank=True, default=''))

Because we want to have the choicelists’s default_value there, not a blank value. In Lino Avanti it’s important to hide non-active clients also from the list of choices of foreign keys to client.

I updated the ClientStates in Lino Tera.

I adapted some tests after yesterday’s changes.

I read a question on SO with Brazilian names, added them as examples to The Human mixin, added some name prefixes and fixed a bug in lino.mixins.human module. But for the name “Francisco da Sousa Rodrigues” Lino currently still fails because it ignores that there are people with a double family names. Okay if there is a name prefix (like “da” in our example) Lino should recognize that here it is one given name and three family names. But I guess there are many people with a double family name and without such a prefix. In these cases I don’t see any real solution.