Wednesday, February 21, 2018

remove blog, extend comments

I am considering to undo the changes I did for #2327, at least partially. The published timestamp was a mistake. Why I started them:

I see that Tonis manages well with writing comments: at certain moments (usually either at the beginning or at the end of a session) he takes the time of describing what he has done, or plans to do, which problems he encountered, open questions, … And I thought “How can I get myself to also type comments into Jane instead of writing my blog?” It seems that I am different: I use my editor for thinking, I think while I am writing. I want to have a kind of draft of my notes of a workday.

Idea: replace the published timestamp by a state. I can imagine three comment states in Jane:

  • Draft (don’t notify the others)

  • Open (notify others, and I am waiting for a reply)

  • Closed (notify others, but just fyi)

In Avanti they would have only one state, and we would hide the state field (and workflow_buttons).

In other application I can imagine more states, e.g. comments might require approval by a moderator, or the author can hide or withdraw them.

The state field would be in the insert_layout so that I can set it to Draft. Maybe a default value for this field in the user preferences.