Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gerd reported #2342 (ChangePassword action button has no help_text) and indeed: lino.core.utils.simplify_name() didn’t simplify actions and mixins.

This change required me to run inv clean followed by inv bd in all projects so that my help_texts.py files get rewritten. Because for example the help text of lino_xl.lib.beid.mixins.BeIdCardHolder.nationality is now stored under it new simplified name lino_xl.lib.beid.BeIdCardHolder.nationality.

And I also fixed an old ergonomy problem: the buttons in the [My settings] window were at the bottom instead of (as usual) at the top of the form. It was easier than I thought: we just must set hide_navigator on the default action instead of setting hide_top_toolbar on the actor. (TODO: document, optimize the names…)