Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More minor changes for #36. I proceed by having a look at the last travis build and fix one error at a time.


I started working on #2347 (Make Lino installable using pip).


Changes in lino_xl.lib.courses

About #2351.

After changing the end_date of on a course from 31.12.2018 (which was wrong) to empty (which is what they want), there was one automatically generated event which had this end_date. I tried to manually remove the Lino changes this event from suggested to draft. Which is logical but not what we want. Actually we want it to remain a suggestion. The trick here is to simply delete the automatic event and let Lino re-generate them all.

I did some subtle code changes for #2351 (Atelier avec une série de 3 week-ends). Lino Welfare did not yet support managing a workshop that generates a series of week-ends (i.e. of meetings which last more than one day, i.e. where every calendar entry has an end date). For example I moved before_auto_event_save() and compare_auto_event() from the EventGenerator to the RecurrenceSet. There were also some places where the rule “empty end_date means same as start_date” was not fully applied.

To test these changes, I added an activity “Five weekends 2014” to the demo fixture for lino_book.projects.roger data. Afterwards there was a problem when printing invoice SLS 11 in

EvaluationError: Error while evaluating the expression
"table(obj.get_print_items(ar))" defined in the "from" part of a
statement. XMLSyntaxError: Extra content at the end of the
document, line 3, column 1 (line 3)

I opened #2353 for this. I don’t know why this problem occured only now. To fix it, I changed how lino.utils.bleacher.rich_text_to_elems() works. It now uses lxml.html.fragments_fromstring() instead of lxml.etree.fromstring() because the former had a problem with newlines added between and after tags by restify.