Tuesday, March 27, 2018

For the OpenUI5 project we started to meditate about the dashboard, quick links and layouts in general.

  • there should be more types of dashboard items: for quick links, for welcome messages, for menus.

  • Tables in the dashboard might be rendered using the default ui renderer instead of plain html.

  • The whole admin_main_base.html template would be just a list of dashboard items.

  • It might be useful to use a layout for defining the dashboard.

  • Layouts are currently meant to work on a screen with fixed height, but I think we could easily adapt them to work for the dashboard as well, i.e. a “form” with endless height and scroll bars.

  • The whole concept having everything in a “window” might disapeear with OpenUI5.

  • the current main menu might hide away into a hamburger button.