Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I continued to work on #2368 (adapt the test suite) in order to finish the eidreader project.

One change with rewriting eidreader from Java to the Python is that it does not seem to have any middle_name field any more. I can see only two fields: firstnames and first_letter_of_third_given_name on the cards we’ve read so far.

I worked on #2363 (Bescheinigung ausserhalb Beschlussperiode). It is a duplicate of #1354 (Deferred RefundConfirmation : [u’Date range 19.04.16…19.04.16 lies outside of granted period 01.01.15…01.04.16.’]) which is waiting for their feedback. But when exploring it, I saw that the described less severe checker rule for lino_welfare.modlib.aids.Confirmation is not yet active on their testlino. The testlino still issues 686 data problems when running checkdata.

Now I actually implemented the rule:

if cp[1] is None: cp[1] = cp[0]

But this rule is obviously not enough because now they have 200 confirmations that don’t obey the rule. To prevent Lino from refusing them in its database, I added a new plugin attribute no_date_range_veto_until.

And finally.. after a long time I got all test suites to pass again. At least on my machine and using Python 2.