Monday, May 7, 2018

Travis and RTD

There is still some instability in our projects on Travis CI and rtd. I continue to play there in the background. For example this morning I am trying to fix an error that occurs towards the end of the inv bd process:

SphinxWarning: /home/travis/build/lino-framework/book/docs/dev/invlib.rst:14:undefined label: atelier.invlib (if the link has no caption the label must precede a section header)

Sphinx (intersphinx) does not seem to find the objects.inv for Atelier. I added a logger info:"intersphinx_mapping set to {}".format(

The resulting output is indeed not sufficient:

intersphinx_mapping set to {
  Path('lino-noidocs'): ('', None),
  Path('site-packagesdocs'): ('', None),
  Path('lino-cosidocs'): ('', None)}

So something is still wrong with how atelier.sphinxconfig.interproject gets the intersphinx urls for packages that are not a local project.

Notiz erstellen vom Kunden aus

A little optimization: lino.modlib.users.Authored must verify authorship permission only for row actions that have select_rows set to True, not for list actions like ShowInsert or CreateRow.

This might be a valid fix for #2380 (Notiz erstellen vom Kunden aus).