Thursday, July 5, 2018

I did several releases to Jane and some optimizations:

I removed project and topic from and added site. I reactivated

I would like to be able to record some of my daily activities more accurately, but I often do things “for which there is no ticket”. I don’t want to invoice them, just record them and maybe later assign them to some ticket. In a first attempt I changed lino_xl.lib.working.Session.ticket to nullable, but then undid that change because it would require more code changes to test for an empty ticket of a session and because this doesn’t seem a good solution.

Maybe rather a notion of default_ticket for unclassified sessions? But where to put that field? If I simply inject a field default_ticket to User, we have a circular reference when dumping which might increase restore time or even cause deadlocks (if the author of a ticket selects this ticket as its default_ticket). Or per site subscription? Or a list of recently used tickets? No, because this would require me to choose a site before starting a session. So it seems that the best solution is a field in the global lino.modlib.system.SiteConfig. One default ticket for all users. Why not. To be meditated. #2430.