Friday, July 13, 2018

Lino Tera advancing

Today I have been working on #2364.

I finished to adapt the test suites and committed my yesterday’s changes.

I then moved SalesRule from lino_xl.lib.sales to lino_xl.lib.invoicing. The former is being used e.g. in Lino Così where you create sales invoices but don’t create them automatically. In that case you don’t need an invoicing recipient.

I ran many times on their production site, each time with some code changes pushed via github in projects Lino XL docs and Lino Tera. That’s the easiest way because the script runs for quite long, and their server is more powerful than my computer.

About quantities

For Abdelkader I started a new page in the Developers Guide: Quantities. Some minor changes in the internal API of the lino_xl.lib.sales.InvoiceItem model in order to simplify the examples.

I noticed that the examples in the docstrings of lino.utils.quantities were not being tested.