Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lino Tera

I am still busy with #2364. Some tests are still failing, don’t panic.

One of the tasks of that ticket was interesting enough to move it into its own ticket #2441 (Better summary for EntriesByCourse). I did this today. Here is the result:


Before this, all dates were simply displayed sequentially. The new view has the evident disadvantage of not being responsive because I use a table to arrange months and years. But at the moment they don’t yet dream about using mobile devices.

Abolish the notion of intellectual property

I started a petition to the European Commission: Abolish the notion of intellectual property because I believe it is time to realize that copyright legislations are drifting into the wrong direction. If you agree with me, please sign it and spread the word!

The petition is adressed to the European Commission because this is the “sole EU institution tabling laws for adoption by the Parliament and the Council that protect the interests of the EU and its citizens on issues that can’t be dealt with effectively at national level” (source: website). Of course the issue is actually a world-wide one. But we must start somewhere. So I chose the European Commission because I happen to live here and I believe that the European Union is a good thing after all (if we admit that they are not perfect).

It’s difficult to find a picture that visualizes the issue, but I chose this one which is taken at a folk festival in Estonia. Singing and dancing together in public is just one of the many activities that are encountering more and more legal obstacles caused by absurd legislatives.