Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Today we started a developer camp for the ajapaik project in Nõva. Vahur, Kimmo, Kristo and I.

Here is my summary of the models.py.

  • Area(name, lat, lon) project_area

  • AlbumPhoto(album, photo, profile, type, created)


  • Album(name, slug, description, subalbum_of, atype, profile, is_public, ordered, photos(m2m), videos(m2m), lat, lon, geography, cover_photo, cover_photo_flipped, photo_count_with_subalbums rephoto_count_with_subalbums geotagged_photo_count_with_subalbums comments_count_with_subalbums is_film_still_album created modified)

    integer atype : one of CURATED, FAVORITES, AUTO

  • Photo(image, image_unscaled, image_no_watermark, height, width, …)

  • PhotoMetadataUpdate(photo, old_title, new_title, old_description, new_description, old_author, new_author, created)

  • PhotoComment(photo,fb_comment_id, fb_object_id, fb_comment_parent_id, fb_user_id, text, created)

  • PhotoLike(photo, profile, level, created)

  • DifficultyFeedback(photo, user_profile, level, trustworthiness, geotag, created)

  • FlipFeedback(photo user_profile flip created)

  • Points(user action photo album geotag dating dating_confirmation points created)

  • GeoTag(lat lon geography azimuth …)

  • Profile(first_name last_name fb_name fb_link … google_plus_id … score send_then_and_now_photos_to_ajapaik)

  • FlowModel (adds a o2o field cflow to Profile)

  • CredentialsModel (adds a o2o field credential to Profile)

  • Source(name desciption created modified)

  • Device(camera_make camera_model lens_make lens_model software)

  • Skip(user photo created)

  • Action(type related_object params) TODO: Do we need this? Kind of violating users’ privacy, no?

  • Licence(name url image_url is_public)

  • GoogleMapsReverseGeocode(lat lon response) jsonfield response :

  • Newsletter(slug created modified)

  • Dating(photo profile raw comment start end …)

  • DatingConfirmation(confirmation_of profile created modified)

  • Tour(photos name description user ordered grouped photo_set_type)

  • TourGroup(tour name max_members members(m2m))

  • TourPhoto(photo tour order)

  • TourPhotoOrder(photo tour order)

  • TourUniqueView(tour profile created)

  • TourRephoto(image tour original user width height author date source)

  • Video(name slug file width height)

  • MyXtdComment(XtdComment)