Monday, July 30, 2018

I reviewed the Components of the Lino framework page of the Developer’s Guide.

I had a HO session with Hamza. We did some triaging. It was disturbing that we cannot change the state of a ticket from new to closed directly.

I found the explanation for #2462 (L’accueil n’arrive plus à encoder de nouveaux bénéficiaires). It was a side effect of #2436

Two weeks ago while working on #2436 (editable remote fields / SalesRule.invoice_recipient). I changed the definition of OneToOneStoreField because I thought that this was needed for #2436. This change was actually not needed. And it turned out to be disturbing only now. Because it changed the behaviour of OneToOneField. I only now realized that in reception.Clients the person_ptr field is being used as primary key.

See “When the primary key is a OneToOneField” section in The lino_welfare.modlib.reception plugin.

I also added a case in Lino Tera : miscellaneous to verify that the editable remote field still works after undoing above change.