Thursday, August 2, 2018

I adapted some testcases in Lino Welfare that were still failing after my recent code changes.

En passant I changed the Checking for data problems in Lino Welfare to use demo project “eupen” instead of “std”. (I plan to move all tests from std to eupen or chatelet and then to remove std because that project has no real-world usage).

Specifying a default invoice account of a partner

In Lino you can now define the purchase invoice account of a partner. This is the default value to use in invoices.

When the partner of an empty invoice has a purchase account, Lino now automatically creates an invoice item using this account with empty amount.

Vera our power tester

Another training session with Vera revealed another nice problem:

  • MakeCopy and entering a narration with more than 200 characters. Actually the problem was that if an exception raises during a parameter action after submitting the ParamFormPanel (e.g. MakeCopy), Lino remains in the dialog window with active loadmask (“Please wait”).

  • There was a bug in the recently changed behaviour about setting the analytic account in invoice items from the general account:

    Wenn ich EKR mit Konto 454000 erfasse, dann sagt Lino “No analytic account”. Weil im Konto 454000 “Braucht AK” angekreuzt ist, aber “Analysekonto” leer ist.

Ticket #2474 was a tricky one, and I fixed it with a very simple code change in linoweb.js. Lino.ActionFormPanel.on_ok() called Lino.call_ajax_action() as follows:

    panel, 'GET', url, p, actionName, step, fn); //  , on_success);

Where the first parameter was this.requesting_panel. I replaced that panel by self. This fixed the issue and made unnecessary the manual calls to and loadMask.hide() I introduced on 20180727 because Lino.call_ajax_action() shows and hides the loadmask if the panel has one.

I stumbled over another subtle bug : the help texts of the fields of action dialog windows were not being installed. Fixed. Usage example lino_xl.lib.ana.MakeCopy.

I tested whether this change has side effects: running workflow actions of a newly created record detail must refresh the screen. Passed.