Friday, August 31, 2018

I added analytic accounts to the AccountingReport. And the partner balances now show negative numbers instead of paired debit/credit columns since for these tables we know the “normal” booking direction (given by lino_xl.lib.ledger.TradeType.dc). For general and analytic accounts the paired columns make sense because here we don’t have a “normal” booking direction.

I deprecated lino_cosi.lib.contacts because it added a dependency to ledger which then caused problems because ledger now imports contacts.

I added a new argument header_links for The preview of a AccountingReport has now clickable accounts without having clickable column headers.

I started to add support for having a max_length of 0 for a displayfield. Not finished. Setting the max_length of empty_column did not fix the layout problem in the printable pdf version. The problem is deeper: #2519. That is, we should render a report story using insert_table which converts the Lino table directly to ODF chunks instead of generating XHTML and let insert_html do the conversion.

Before doing #2519 I will rather reimplement accounting reports as a lino.modlib.users.UserPlan because Vera will never agree to click the refresh button of the parameter panel after having selected an accounting period, and because she will expect subtotals. And then we should maybe rather use a custom odt template. It is possible that the new UserPlan mixin will replace lino.utils.reports completely.