Wednesday, September 5, 2018ΒΆ

Haha! The new implementation of accounting reports as a user plan works!

Pitfall : The StartPlan action is instantiated only once: on the UserPlan mixin. This single action instance gets attached to several actors, with one BoundAction instance for each of them. As a consequence we cannot use attach_to_actor().

I reviewed the documentation about actions, mostly converting back the attribute docstrings from prosa style to the code. The lino.core.actions module is not a plugin and therefore should have API reference documentation generated by autodoc. The Introduction to actions page in contrast should be a comprehensive topic overview.

lino.mixins.ref.Referrable.ref_max_length was being ignored when setting the max_length ot the ref field because the field is being defined on the mixin, and at this moment is not visible whether a subclass overrides it. Anyway it is better to have the database definition of this field with a constant max_length. Until now all ref fields or Referrable models have a max_length of 40 (which was the value of Referrable.ref_max_length). I changed that value to 200.

I removed the ana.Group model.