Monday, November 19, 2018

List of changes in this series of commits:

Changes visible to end-users

  • Lots of changes in lino_xl.lib.invoicing.
  • The first column (“When”) of now opens the detail of that calendar entry (instead of a table with all entries of that day).
  • The Save button is now the last button of the toolbar (sort_index changed from 10 to 100)
  • New field type lino.core.fields.TimeField New site attributes calendar_start_hour and calendar_end_hour. The combobox of time fields is now limited to a reasonable and configurable range (default from 7am to 9pm)
  • The menu structure for the sales, ledger, products and invoicing plugins has changed.

Changes visible to application developers:

  • New attribute lino.core.actors.Actor.ignore_required_states is used to activate all transitions of a workflow.

  • New method The button is now hidden when this returns False.

  • Instantiator now support (editable) remote fields. The code for creating a lino.core.fields.RemoteField is now in lino.core.fields (no longer in

  • Fixed a bug in lino.modlib.users.StartPlan action which didn’t work when subclassed and used on another model than the Plan.

  • New user role lino.core.roles.Expert. And SiteAdmin inherits from it.

    The lino.mixins.duplicable.Duplicate action is now visible only for experts.

  • The default value for allow_merge_action is now False. As a result we have much less dialog actions and the merge button is no longer available on many models. That’s whay show_complexity_factors() shows much less views now (every mergeable model had one automatically createdd dialog window for the merge actions) (I am not sure whether this won’t change back in the future).

  • Course.events_by_course is now a method, no longer a queryset