• New implementation for dtos and dtosl using Django’s FORMAT_MODULE_PATH setting.

  • Some implementation changes in north.babel. It is no longer necessar to reduce Django’s LANGUAGES setting to the babel languages. Bug danger.

  • Moved the languages attribute from north to djangosite.

  • Updated /tutorials/quickstart for Harsh.

  • Fixed a user traceback “global name ‘dd’ is not defined”. Wrote a doctest article to test this: /tutorials/auto_create/index

  • Fixed a user traceback “NameError at /api/debts/ExpensesByBudget/920: global name ‘rpt’ is not defined”.

  • Getting the doctest suite to pass for Lino is quite some work.

  • Oops, it was naive to believe that update_settings <djangosite.utils.doctest.DjangoDocTester.update_settings() is possible. It works only in certain limited cases. For example most modlib apps cannot get re-imported.

  • Started to use sphinx-apidoc and sphinx-build’s -W option (“consider warnings as errors”). This turned out to be more expensive than expected because it caused a lot of tidy-up work.