20130313 (Wednesday, 13 March 2013)

More fun with packaging

Oops, the installation instruction in /tutorials/quickstart still doesn’t work. And I’m decided to get this working soon. But there are still a lot of stupid packaging problems which make it break.

  • Moved /lino/projects/sphinxdocs/settings.py to docs. Added new command initdb to djangosite.utils.fablib which runs an initdb_demo on the docs database.

  • removed usage of the djangodoctest directive and the djangosite.utils.doctest module.

  • Moved lino.utils.test to djangosite.utils.test

  • More testing commands in fablib.py. My favourite command is now:

    fab ci test html sdist pub
    fab ci sdist pub
  • The automated sphinx-apidoc lacks two things:

    • Specify a list of modules to exclude

    • An option to specify a list of packages for which we want a separate page per module instead of grouping all modules of a package into a same page.

  • New error message “Using remote authentication, but no user credentials found.”. On a development server with a lino.ui.Site.remote_user_header but without lino.ui.Site.default_user.

  • Started test phase with several releases for Lino, North and Django-Site. - Lino 1.6.1, 1.6.2 - North 0.0.3 through 0.0.4 - django-site 0.0.3 through 0.0.4

    Certain files weren’t includedd in the Python egg: setup_info.py file and Lino’s static media directory (the one that gets linked more or less automatically to the /media/lino url). It seems that this topic is very hot for the moment, but a pragmatical solution seems to move this directory one level down into the lino package.