20130404 (Thursday, 04 April 2013)ΒΆ

Yesterday and today I continued to work on the general Lino documentation and multilingual userdocs.

The page welfare.jobs of the Lino-Welfare user manual (EDIT: which no longer exists) is my next generation guinea pig for writing user documentation. (The welfare.clients page is not good for too audacious experiments because it is being used as a document)

djangosite.utils.sphinxconf is now a package, and the blogging logic is moved into a sepaarate module djangosite.utils.sphinxconf.blog to be used as a a Sphinx extension.

Another new Sphinx extension is lino.utils.actordoc.

lino.ui.Site.login() no longer calls djangosite.dbutils.set_language(). Because in a multilingual userdocs we want to write py2rst examples which require a user because of their permission requirements, but they should render in the language of the current document.