20130405 (Friday, 05 April 2013)

The docs below /admin need a serious redesign and most of them are currently obsolete. While working on them I noticed that the first argument to djangosite.Site.__init__() was a useless requirement: if a file passes its globals() dictionary, there is no need to also ask for the value of the __file__ key of that same dictionary!

I’ll use the freedom I have as long as the only known production servers are maintained by myself and do a backwards incompatbile change in the /ref/settings:

Adapt your settings.py files!

Lino until now required to write in your settings.py file:

SITE = Site(__file__,globals(),...)

Now you just write:

SITE = Site(globals(),...)

Moving towards a pluggable user interface

I am working on moving towards a pluggable user interface. One benefit of this will be docs/tickets/16.

The lino.ui.base.Handle.__init__() no longer takes the ui as argument.