20130408 (Monday, 08 April 2013)

More multilingual userdocs

Continued to fill the Lino-Welfare user manual, welfare.userdocs, my guinea pig for Lino’s multilingual userdocs feature.

  • A “Reference” part per module justs lists automatically generated actor descriptions. But using a manual sort order and options about how detailed to be.

  • Where to put the definition of a actor? (a model, a table, a choicelist) The help_text of a model’s standard table.

    The userdocs author should decide the order in which the different concepts of an application should be presented to the user.

    The user doesn’t need two entries distinct sections “Course” and “Courses”, (one for the model and the other for the default table).

I agree with what the Sphinx docs says: Using ref is advised over standard reStructuredText links to sections (like \ `Section title`_) because it works across files, when section headings are changed, and for all builders that support cross-references.

But I didn’t yet manage to have the .. actor:: directive generate two :ref: entries that link to the same section title, one with the singular label and the other with the plural label. I guess I need to understand sphinx/domains/std.py in order to find an answer. Must add another