20130512 (Sunday, 12 May 2013)

  • fixed: Site-Params zeigte Liste statt Detail
  • fixed: atelier blockierte alles, wenn /etc/atelier/config.py nicht existierte.

Lino-Welfare 1.1.4 is coming

I released Lino-Welfare 1.1.4 and the corresponding versions of Lino, North, djangosite & atelier.

Project version
atelier – A collection of tools for software artists 0.0.2
djangosite – A server startup signal for Django 0.1.4
north – Another way to migrate Django databases 0.1.4
lino – A framework for writing desktop-like web applications using Django and ExtJS 1.6.7
lino_welfare – A Lino application for Belgian Public Welfare Centres 1.1.4

(No release of lino_patrols right now)