20130514 (Tuesday, 14 May 2013)

Tested screenshots

Still working on how to use screenshots in the general documentation and testing framework.

One challenge: When I run pp fab test then this one command needs to start and shutdown different development servers.

Liste des TI connus

  • Tx25 : added new handler for “TemporaryRegistrations” TI

  • Started to convert the existing handlers so that their documentation can get automatically generated. The converted TI handlers are now listed on lino_welfare.modlib.cbss.


  • watch_tim : new variable IGNORABLE_ERRORS contains errors that are not sent to the admins per email, just logged to the system.log. Ignorable errors were until now all ValidationError instances, now also IntegrityError. Because this is usually “Duplicate entry ‘…’ for key ‘national_id’”.


  • wie sagt man Schuldnerberater in FR? Médiateur de dettes (Prüfen, wie ein Ausdruck Budget in FR aussieht)

  • Ausdruck Budget: bei Kontaktangaben steht immer ein Komma am Ende. N.B.: aber nur wenn weder Telefon noch E-Mail angegeben ist.

  • Define local tooltips, esp. for Partner.obsolete: “Veralteter bzw. inaktiver Partner (TIM) oder Attribut W (TIM)”

  • pcsw_demo_tests.py : “/choices/pcsw/ContactsByClient/company?type=1&query=mutu got 5 rows instead of [2]”

  • Merge the few_countries and few_cities fixtures into demo

  • Convert all_countries to use data from python-babel

  • get docs work on readthedocs. at least the intersphinx links are breaking things.

  • development server doesn’t reload ui when process restarts after code change.