20130909 (Monday, 09 September 2013)

Updated /todo. I am going to have three days of forced holiday because I’m going to enjoy a FESS in Tallinn.

Commented on Alex Gaynor’s blog post Your project doesn’t mean your playground.

Fixed the following bug:

  • When user changes some value of a parameter panel, then closes the window and reopens it, then Lino doesn’t reset the parameterss to their default value.

    This was in Lino.MainPanel in linoweb.js: _force_dirty was never set to false.

Restructured the database and workflow in lino.modlib.reception and lino_welfare.modlib.reception to solve the following problems:

  • Wenn Klient gegangen ist, dann steht die Visite als Termin unter “Meine Termine”

  • There is still something wrong in the reception module. Maybe we need 2 new GuestStates so that we can do:

    • Checkin must set GuestStates.waiting (and timestamp waiting_since)

    • Receive must set GuestStates.busy (and timestamp busy_since)

    • Checkout must set GuestStates.gone (and timestamp gone_since)

Renamed waiting_until to busy_since, present_until to gone_since. lino.modlib.reception now adds 3 new GuestStates specific to reception:

  • Checkin sets GuestStates.waiting (and waiting_since)

  • Receive sets GuestStates.busy (and busy_since)

  • Checkout sets GuestStates.gone (and gone_since)

New welcome message “You are busy with <NAME1>, <NAME2>” if a user has guests in state busy. Usually there should be never more than one busy guest (at least in Lino Welfare) but there’s no reason to set an artificial limit.

Some subtle new framework features:

Fixed an internal bug:

  • workflow_buttons zeigt die icons nicht mehr an. liegt an meiner änderung von vor einigen tagen wegen der Aktion “eid einlesen”: die soll ja in der toolbar ein icon haben, aber nicht wenn es die Warnung “Muss eID-Karte einlesen” ist.