20130910 (Tuesday, 10 September 2013)

Worked on this:

  • In reception.WaitingVisitors it should not be allowed to delete a row because that would leave the cal.Event without Guest.

The solution is to simply make all variants of Visitors tables readonly by setting editable to False. editable does not deactivate the editable.

This made me stumble on something similar to what we had a few days ago where the label of an Actor wasn’t inherited. Now it is the editable property. I applied the same changes for editable.

MyWaitingVisitors is maybe not needed as a menu entry since it is also a get_admin_main_items. But if i remove it then i must edit pcsw_tests.py. Waiting for user feedback before doing this.

Removed a test case from Debts mediation because (1) it failed und (2) was rather strange anyway.

Updated the Demo sites.

How to configure additional text to appear in sales invoices

lino.utils.appy_pod.Renderer has now a new built-in function jinja

New file sales/Invoice/trailer.body.html Used from sales/Invoice/Default.odt

And Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga”: has a special trailer.body.html which adds one item for each enrolment mentioned in this invoice:

<p>{{_("Your enrolments:")}}</p>
{% for enr in this.get_invoiceables(settings.SITE.modules.courses.Enrolment) %}
<li>{{enr.course}} : {{enr.course.events_text()}}</li>
{% endfor %}

Some optimizations:

  • Until now sales.Invoice used the hard-coded build method appypdf. Journal is now a PrintableType (and thus has a new field build_template) Note that not every Voucher is necessarily a TypedPrintable.

  • lino.core.web.site_setup() : changed order of discovery for the loaders: first come the get_settings_subdirs, then only the packageloaders.

Continued on Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga”:

  • Removed EntryStates “draft” and “published”.

  • Event guest are now filled with the enrolled pupils. New SiteConfig field pupil_guestroles.

Custom fields of Choicelist Choices

Something cool: application code can now simply define custom fields of a lino.core.choicelists.Choice by declaring them on the lino.core.choicelists.Choicelist. First usage example are cal.EntryStates and lino.UserLevel. If you wanted to show such custom fields in a table, then you had to define a virtual field:

@fields.virtualfield(models.CharField(_("Short name"),max_length=2,
    help_text="used to fill UserProfiles"))
def short_name(cls,choice,ar):
    return choice.short_name

Now you can just write:

short_name = models.CharField(_("Short name"),max_length=2,
    help_text="used to fill UserProfiles")


  • demo.py : pupil_guestrole

  • Anwesenheiten erfassen können

  • suggest_guests wieder raus? weil es auf dem Papier reicht?