20130911 (Wednesday, 11 September 2013)

I probably found an answer to my question “why did this error pass the test suites and make it into a released version?” (see ‘Site’ object has no attribute ‘modules’). Or rather how can I make an automated unit test.

Not really an automated unit test included within the standard test suite, but I wrote a new fab task setup_test_sdist in atelier.fablib which

  • creates and activates a temporay virtualenv

  • calls pip install --extra-index X prjname (where X is your env.sdist_dir)

  • runs python setup.py test

  • tidies up

This assumes that you previously did pp fab sdist i.e. your env.sdist_dir contains the pre-release sdist of all your projects.

A bug in Account.full_clean

Gerd reported a bug:

Ich bin ein Feintuning der Kopiervorlage der Budgets (Nr. 47) am machen. Dabei fiel uns auf, dass ein Konto “Sonstige Transportkosten” (ID65) fehlte. Das habe ich hinzugefügt. Leider kann ich es nicht bei den Ausgaben der Kopiervorlage hinzufügen. Es erscheint nicht in der Auswahlliste. Ist das ein subtiler Bug oder mache ich einen Fehler?

Indeed this was a bug in Account.full_clean:

def full_clean(self,*args,**kw):
    if self.group_id is not None:
        if not self.type:
            self.type = self.group.account_type

This must be:

def full_clean(self,*args,**kw):
    if self.group_id is not None:
        self.type = self.group.account_type

The type of an Account should always have the same value as the Account’s group.account_type.

The test suite now passes.

Continued on Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga”.

In lino.core.actions.Action we had until now:

icon_name = 'x-tbar-new' # if action rendered as toolbar button
icon_file = 'add.png' # if action rendered by quick_add_buttons

Replaced this by:

icon_name = 'add'

Slave grids filled with nonsense data when opening a Detail for the first time

While working on the todo list of Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” I stumbled over a particularily easy reproduction of our well known Javascript bug: Simply load the permalink and the Movements grid was filled.

The obvious reason was that these slave grids loaded themselves while URL_PARAMS_MASTER_PK was still empty. A Grid loads itself when the view is ready:

Lino.GridPanel did this::

    this.on('viewready', function(){
      this.view_is_ready = true;

And for slave grids this can happen before the request for the master record had completed.

Solution: I added a simple test in the GridPanel.refresh_with_after method:

if (this.containing_panel) {
    if (!this.store.baseParams.{{ext_requests.URL_PARAM_MASTER_PK}}) {