20131003 (Thursday, 03 October 2013)

Groupware and Calendar servers

I wanted to note a choir rehearsal into my calendar:

1. veebruar 2014      Segakooride  proov  15.00-19.00, Raplas

and observed that the Lightning calendar in in Thunderbird no longer collaborates with my Google calendar…

Since we’ll need some groupware system, and we need to make some decisions some day, so I surfed around and found an article The Five Best Open Source Calendar Servers for Linux which enumerates:

It also enumerates more general “groupware systems” which -among others- also include a calendar server:

Payment orders and debit/credit

Uff! One might be tempted to believe that the direction of a finanical movement is easy: either Debit or Credit. But it’s not easy to decide where to change it and where not. The dc field of a lino.modlib.ledger.models.DueMovement (the volatile object used to express a “debt” by virtual tables like ExpectedMovements, SuggestionsByJournalEntry or SuggestionsByPaymentOrder in any case is very subtle. Here be dragons. I have 20 years of experience with TIM but still am sometimes struggling…

finan.FillToVoucher needed something which also lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.ClientsTest had been waiting for:

One detail is missing: We should change the API to include ar. But that’s not so easy because we have for example lino.ui.extjs3.views.Templates.get

Concretely lino.core.actors.Actor.get_row_by_pk() now has signature (self,ar,pk) instead of (self,pk).

This again required some internal API changes: Request.setup() now takes the pks and converts them herself to instances…