20131004 (Friday, 04 October 2013)


Added parameters to lino.modlib.ledger.models.Movements.

Discovered a bug : the HTML button didn’t work because it generated a wrong url (forgot to adapt this place when I changed the meaning of plain_prefix.

Added new setting start_year.

“Neuzugang ablehnen” führt zu Internal Server Error

Fixed a bug reported by Gerd:

Man geht bei den Neuzugängen auf Partner 23995 und versucht ihn abzulehnen … Paf kommt der Internal Server Error: Expected a list of 12 values, but got [u‘04.09.2013’, u’false’, u’false’, u’‘]

This was quite subtle:

The application code defines that action as follows:

class RefuseClient(dd.ChangeStateAction):
    label = _("Refuse")
    parameters = ...



Since this RefuseClient is an action with parameters, Lino generates a Window to be displayed by the client before actually sending the AJAX request. The generated definition of that action looks like this:

Lino.pcsw.Clients.wf1_ActionFormPanel = Ext.extend(Lino.ActionFormPanel,{
  action_name: 'wf1',
  ls_url: "/pcsw/Clients",
  window_title: "Ablehnen",
  initComponent : function() {
    var containing_panel = this;
    var reason27 = new Lino.ChoicesFieldElement({ "autoHeight": true, "forceSelection": true, "fieldLabel": "reason", "allowBlank": false, "hiddenName": "reasonHidden", "listeners": { "render": Lino.quicktip_renderer("reason","(<RefuseClient wf1 (u'Refuse')>.reason) ") }, "selectOnFocus": true, "anchor": "-20", "store": Lino.pcsw.RefusalReasons, "name": "reason" });
    var remark28 = new Ext.form.TextArea({ "listeners": { "render": Lino.quicktip_renderer("Remark","(<RefuseClient wf1 (u'Refuse')>.remark) ") }, "fieldLabel": "Bemerkung", "name": "remark", "growMax": 2000, "selectOnFocus": true, "anchor": "-20 -10" });
    this.items = [ { "items": reason27, "autoHeight": true, "layout": "form", "xtype": "panel", "labelAlign": "top" }, { "items": remark28, "labelAlign": "top", "layout": "form", "xtype": "panel", "flex": 83 } ];
    this.fields = [ reason27, remark28 ];

Lino.pcsw.ClientStates.wf1 = new Lino.WindowAction({ "draggable": true, "width": Lino.chars2width(50), "maximizable": true, "modal": true, "maximized": false, "height": Lino.rows2height(15) },function(){
  var p = { "is_main_window": true, "hide_top_toolbar": true };
  return new Lino.pcsw.Clients.wf1_ActionFormPanel({});

and (when the action is available on a Client) the HTML returned by workflow_buttons contains the following tag

<a href="javascript:Lino.pcsw.ClientStates.wf1.run(&quot;ext-comp-1572&quot;,
{ &quot;field_values&quot;: { &quot;reason&quot;: null,
&quot;reasonHidden&quot;: null, &quot;remark&quot;: &quot;&quot; } })"
title="Diesen Neuantrag ablehnen.">Ablehnen</a></p>"

Okay until now? Anyway this shows we can be glad that Lino does these things for us, can’t we?

Now the problem came because that action was available on different tables. At least on integ.Clients and newcomers.NewClients. And fortunately Lino doesn’t generate a new Lino.ActionFormPanel subclass for each table. But note that these two tables have different filter parameters. And the action correctly sends also the parameter values of that table when calling the action. But unfortunately the action used a generated variable (and always the same) to determine the url of the AJAX call. It caused integ.Clients to parse these parameter values even when the action was being called from newcomers.NewClients. That was not correct (and correctly caused the internal server error).

The fix seems easy and sympathic because it reduces the generated JS code. I simply replaced in linoweb.js:

var url = '{{settings.SITE.build_admin_url("api")}}' + this.ls_url + '/' + pk;


var url = '{{settings.SITE.build_admin_url("api")}}' + panel.ls_url + '/' + pk;

And removed the line which defined ls_url on the ActionFormPanel subclass.

This change implies of course the usual risk of side effects…


  • Added a section Fehlermeldungen und wie damit umgehen to the welfare userdocs.

  • The userdocs for Lino Welfare had wrong URLs for “Online Link” and “Show Source”.

  • The Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” test suite is currently broken, I know it, but I’ll first add more demo fixtures before fixing these failures.

  • The “(source code)” link in the API docs didn’t work. Fixed.

  • Stumbled over Néerlandais pour traducteurs : les villes belges, a collection of Belgian city names in both FR and NL, and integrated this wisdom into lino.modlib.countries.fixtures.be.

    Noticed then that all this wisdom and more is also in the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia has the advantage of being well maintained, but the disadvantage of not being very semantic. Started a script wiki2lino which uses BeautyfulSoup to read data from wikipedia in order inject it into a Lino database. Not finished. And anyway: Luc, instead of playing around you should rather do things for which your customers are waiting, shouldn’t you!