20131112 (Tuesday, 12 November 2013)

Tutorial about database change auditing

Joe asked whether Lino can do audit trails (history log). Yes it does. At least something similar. Here is the beginning of a tutorial: /tutorials/watch_tutorial/index.

I added a new demo fixture for lino.modlib.countries which yields both few_countries and few_cities. This is to avoid having to specify few_countries few_cities in demo_fixtures of Sites which use lino.modlib.countries. As a consequence lino_welfare/modlib/cbss/fixtures/demo.py had to be removed, and demo_fixtures for Lino Welfare changed accordingly. Which in the end is clearer than before.

Started the next release of Lino Welfare

I’m going to upgrade the testlino instance at Gerd’s site because they are going to test the new eidreader using real cards.

  • Incremented version counter of Lino Welfare

  • Started to write lino_welfare.migrate.migrate_from_1_1_10(), which as expected is some more work than usual because there were extensive database changes in lino.modlib.cal.