20131113 (Wednesday, 13 November 2013)

Continued to prepare the next release of Lino Welfare

Continued on writing lino_welfare.migrate.migrate_from_1_1_10(), which as expected is more work than usual because there were extensive database changes in lino.modlib.cal.

Note that when writing a migration function, I create a lot of checkins. You might ask why. It’s because I do the tests directly on the remote machine, using repeated sequences of:

$ pull
$ python manage.py run /var/log/lino/backups/20131113_020101/restore.py --traceback

I prefer this because every run takes some time and causes the machine to slow down. Let the client’s machine do that work! While working on this, I could check my inbox and work on the next topic:

Paging in a combobox looses the context

Joe contributed both a bug report and its fix:

  • Bug: Open demo with countries modlib module (I tested on Watching database changes). Open detail of Person from Belgium. Open combo with City selection. You have two pages of result. Click “next” button and you have 4 pages of results (because cities from other countries are now included).

  • His fix overrides the ComboBox’s initList to add a listener to the beforechange event which retains context parameters.

Thanks, Joe!

Setting MEDIA_ROOT in djangosite_local.py

Until now Lino has always been setting MEDIA_ROOT to a hard-coded value <project_dir>/media. You could override that manually in your settings.py file, but not in djangosite_local.py.

Now you can: Lino installs its default value only when MEDIA_ROOT is empty.

Tutorial about workflows

Joe asked whether there is any documentation about using Workflows. Here is the beginning of another tutorial: /tutorials/workflows_tutorial/index.