20131115 (Friday, 15 November 2013)


Yesterday Joe and I had our first Skype meeting which lasted about 70 minutes. We had a brainstorming about a feature Joe would like to use: allow for chunks of custom js and css files and templates. Something which should use Django’s Form Assets (the Media class).

How to name it? settings.SITE.add_feature()?

It seems that Django does not parse these Media files nor provide a method to generate a single file from all those chunks. The whole Media class in fact is not meant for generating a file. We must differentiate between (1) self-maintained JS and CSS snippets and (2) external JS libraries. So yes, we’ll need to extend Django’s system.

After some sleep I realized that we have been looking for the name “plugin”, and that this had been already almost implemented (in djangosite.Site). But I had never started to actually use it because there was no urgent need. Now I converted use_eidreader and use_eid_jslib to “Plugins”, and it works, and everything is much cooler! I’m fascinated!

So the Site setting use_eidreader has been replaced by the lino.mixins.beid.BeIdReaderPlugin. Instead of setting use_eidreader to True you must override get_installed_plugins as follows:

def get_installed_plugins(self):
    for p in super(Site,self).get_installed_plugins():
        yield p
    yield 'lino.mixins.beid.BeIdReaderPlugin'

The base class is (currently) defined in djangosite.djangosite_site.Plugin and should be used from dd.Plugin.

The lino/config/plugins/eidreader.js snippet contains code which was previously in linolib.js (which definitively was not the right place)


  • move lino.mixins.beid to lino.plugins.beid.

  • The next plugins will be lino.plugins.davlink.DavLinkPlugin (replacing use_davlink) and/or lino.extjs.ExtJS3Plugin (replacing use_extjs).

Note that the current implementation does not use Django’s Form Assets because that would cause more work when converting the existing use_xxx settings to plugins and because I don’t (yet) see any advantage…