20131114 (Thursday, 14 November 2013)

Tutorial about dynamic tables (matrixes)

And here is a third new tutorial: /tutorials/matrix_tutorial/index.

Rendering ForeignKeys to models without insert_layout

Fixed a bug reported by Joe: A ForeignKey field is rendererd as a TwinButton Combobox: one button to open the selection list (as with any combo box), the other one to lookup the current value (by opening a detail window on that object). The bug came because you can now use the “Lookup” button of a combobox to quickly insert an item in the selection list (by clicking it when the field is empty).

Updated documentation about permission

Joe contributed documentation about Lino’s permissions system. I integrated this into /dev/perms.

Install eidreader on testlino for Gerd

Uff! After solving some last little issues, Gerd and his users can now finally start to test the eidreader.

  • Added a get_jars.sh script to the eidreader repository to make installation more automatic. Updated the docs (Installation)

  • The error handling in eidreader is rather primitive, but works for me: you must know that the read() function always returns a string. Upon success this is a yaml-formatted string with data found on the card. But when some error occurs (no card present, no reader connected,…), then it is a single-line string with the error message. The server-side code which processes this response (BeIdReadCardAction) now checks this condition and displays the error message.

  • There was a problem with yesterday’s change about the default value for MEDIA_ROOT. Because of this new rule we cannot anymore instantiate a dummy SITE instance, as was done by lino.projects.std.settings. The server said: “…/lino/projects/std/media/extjs does not exist and SITE.extjs_root is not set.”

    That’s why we have a new setting auto_configure_logger_names and a new module lino.projects.std.settings_test.