20140102 (Thursday, 02 January 2014)

Removed the extends attribute from Plugin

Removed the extends attribute in Plugin because it was redundant information. The Site now inspects each plugin’s __mro__ attribute to get that information.

Moved the Site.for_each_app from lino to djangosite.

An app which wants to be “subclassable” must now define a Plugin in her __init__.py file. IOW in order to inherit from a library app it thus is now necessary to define a Plugin class in the parent app.

Added a testcase to Renamed “Lino Faggio” to “Lino Voga” to test whether the templates directory has been inherited.

“modlib” or “apps”?

I discovered that my plan to rename lino.modlib to lino.apps has at least two disadvantages:

  • possible misunderstanding that it has something to do with django.apps

  • The string “modlib” was more or less unique while “apps” is overused.

Maybe I’ll change my mind and move the existing lino.apps modules back to lino.modlib.

Data migration for Lino Welfare

lino_welfare.migrate didn’t yet rename countries.City to countries.Place.

Upgrading Edubuntu 08.04 to 12.04


  • Server with 4GB of RAM

  • 10 thin clients : VXL itona, Phoenix-AwardBIOS, CPU VIA C7 1GHz, RAM 32MB

After dist-upgrade to 10.04 the workstations did not boot properly.

  • /etc/login.defs -> Asenda (mitte Säilita)