20140106 (Monday, 06 January 2014)

djangosite.Plugins and django.apps

Aymeric is really genial! I have now hope that I’ll be able to kick off djangosite when Django 1.7 is out! To prepare this, I started to install certain shortcut names to lino.dd: dd.apps is shortcut to settings.SITE.plugins and shout be preferred to avoid application code changes when Lino switches.

Debtors and Creditors

Added new predefined parameter panels dd.Yearly and dd.Today.

Finished Debtors and Creditors tables (started yesterday). Added a test case for each of them to ledger: General accounting.

Added them to user documentation and made it available on lino-framework.org as cosi.userdocs.

Added a new ledger.Situation report. But that’s not yet what we need. We need something similar to lino_welfare.modlib.integ.Overview. The Situation report should show a real summary with clickable numbers, something like:

Debtors     2761,42
Creditors   4932,01

          Jan Feb Mar ...
Turnover  ... ...
Costs     ... ...
...       ... ...


There was a bug in atelier.test.TestCase.run_simple_doctests() which caused ot to not yet support wildcard file specs. Fixed.

And atelier.sphinxconf now ooks for an attribute intersphinx_url_userdocs instead of having a hard-coded list of projects with userdocs.