20140303 (Monday, 03 March 2014)

Sphinx was innocent

There was a problem in Sphinx with my atelier.sphinxconf because I had added “from __future__ import unicode_literals”. This seems fixed now without any patch to Sphinx. Sphinx was innocent.


In lino.modlib.contacts.fixtures.demo I tested for:

if 'de' in settings.SITE.languages:

which evaluates always to False because languages contains LanguageInfo instances, not strings. Here is what I actually wanted to do there:

if settings.SITE.get_language_info('de'):

I changed the user-visible names (verbose_name and verbose_name_plural) in lino.modlib.attestations from “Attestation” to “Printout”. One day I’ll rename the whole module. Because “printout” is shorter than “attestation” and because also Gerd preferred “Ausdruck” to “Bescheinigung”.

I added a new field time to lino.modlib.notes.Note.

In lino.mixins I split CreatedModified into two separate mixins dd.Created dd.Modified. Only after doing this I realized that –at least for the new notes.Note.time field – it is not needed

Should RequestField render an empty cell when there are no rows in the request?