20140304 (Tuesday, 04 March 2014)

I discovered an internal bug: the test suite below lino_welfare.tests was inactive (not being discovered) Django 1.6 because test case discovery has changed. And my default environment was 1.6 since quite some time.

Cool! I solved the last (rather subtile) problems for reading eID cards. BaseBeIdReadCardAction.goto_client_response now calls ar.goto_instance instead of setting goto_record_id. Because the latter works only when the action was called from a detail window (but not when called from a grid or from the home page). Kernel.get_callback now sets ar.renderer, that’s needed if the action calls ar.

First unit tests in lino_welfare.tests.test_beid. Most functionality is in lino.modlib.beid.mixins. Started to write user documentation in welfare.beid.

I had to replace exclude_trees by exclude_patterns in my conf.py files. Seems that the deprecated option no longer works correctly. (But I don’t consider it necessary to report this to sphinx-users.)

Continued on lino.modlib.humanlinks. Found a surprisingly simple solution for one customer request: a different insert_layout per slave table!